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10 guest rooms modern style furniture popular in Western countries

These 10 beautifully designed interior living rooms will convey the feel of a contemporary living room. Inspired by the classic interiors of modern interiors, the architects bring the perfect combination of living spaces.

The interiors and modern layouts are in retro-inspired vintage tones, all with a unique 70's style design.

Although the furniture in this living room is brand new, it mimics the low form that is popular in the modern Mid Century family. The right wall has a subtle twist of art deco.

Luxurious classic materials such as dark wood and copper make this living room look plentiful and comfortable. The excellent glass bottle series is a singular combination of attraction and surrealism.

The history of the crown shape and the modern geometric ceilings laid the foundation for this interior, combining modern furniture with antique decoration. The unique floor lamp reproduces the Mariana Fortuny's 1907 design.

Here, the colors and complex patterns feel very ordinary and traditional, but in personal inspections, almost every piece is modern.

White siding and cabinet tiles bring a warmth of beauty that recalls past trends. But look at the tropical backsplash design! The acrylic panel on the background pattern is what you need.

The fishbone floor will never be outdated. This interior is in stark contrast to the minimalist interior design, which is reasonably furnished with a luxurious sky setting. Curved, streamlined windows are a common element in the early 20th century.

The traditional Asian style brings a sense of the future. Although “chat rooms” are still rare, they are sometimes included in high-end homes in the 1950s, just like the famous Miller House of Eero Saarinen.

This centuries-old yellow lemon chair creates a classic charm for this special living room. Sometimes families of mixed ages only need a statement to explain the problem.

Great chair! The combination of high back and low profile definitely exceeds the times. Textures and dark wood materials are timeless materials that look great in any room with so much light. Look at the beautiful coffee nesting table