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10 unique heart design kitchens

Apartment interior indispensable to the kitchen decoration. Because this place is where we start our morning. Enjoy a warm afternoon with your family or meet friends in the evening. Thus, to impress the kitchen space, we should choose it a "heart" fancy. Here are some unique "hearts" from around the world gathered here.

Feel like your family should have a professional chef?

The design of this watch is like a "companion" in the kitchen.

Retro metal watches are several inches taller than regular watches and carry the same look as a bottle cap.

A stainless steel "face" and does not own a bell.

With the shape of the object to eat "symmetrical" together to create a very special image.

It looks like a watch above but it is another version.

A version of "black and white" as in apartment furniture is often used.

Twelve wine bottles are perfect for 12 time zones.

Some time after using just look at the bottle color you can "remember" is always there!

One of the most beautiful watches that is hard to buy in interior design.

It is shaped like a bottle of red wine is extremely limpid and the cup is the "pendulum" of this heart.

With glasses that attract the attention of alcoholics.

This watch will satisfy the thirst with the utility is "know the time to drink".

The problem will be solved when we enjoy a glass of tea or a cup of coffee.

So this unit will help you consider when enjoying these two types of drinks "sober".

The emphasis is black writing is stylized.

It wants to wake up a cup of coffee or a glass of wine in your daily life.

Pan? Can also make a clock is offline!

The chef will be delighted to be gifted so much love meaning.

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