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13 designs of unique bathroom interior space

When designing a beautiful home interior, we do not forget the bathroom space. The mixture of textures and materials can make the bathroom a perfect place to relax. By expanding your style and design ideas, your home will have great bathroom spaces.

The theme of this bathroom is the interior garden with transparent sliding door trim, natural light will support a lot during the day.

The lush greenery surrounds the white-washed tub combined with the rug-shaped washbasin.

The brick walls of this bathroom have been subdivided with many subtle details.

Marble sinks and drop lamps bring contrast to the cream and white color of the walls and gravel.

This white bathroom has an impressive red marble flash, which creates an amazing contrast.

The strokes of gray in the marble floor are picked up in white and gray in the walls.

Straight lines are repeated in the drawers, bathtubs and sinks.

The quietness of the bath will be found in this space.

Peaceful scenery with traditional carpets and large wooden and marble floors, this place will appeal to you.

These gray concrete walls surround a sleek bathroom with marbled underwear and sturdy sinks.

The open house and this is where green trees invade the room providing a bit of light blue.

Next to the sink is a relaxing chair in a rather interesting wooden bath.

This interface keeps it simple with both gray and brick tiles around the bathroom.

The color of the cabinets with the same theme to the floor form a united block.

This spacious kitchen uses space with expanded mirrors from the top, upper compartment, seating and desk space.

This bathroom with blue textured walls and a pebble like floor looks like something from the future but warm.

Large bricks make this room spacious. Floor shelf for storage below. The simplicity of this bathroom is what makes it special.

Marble tiles are used on floors and back walls in the bathroom.

The shower is located behind the control cabinet with double sinks.

The walls behind the sink and the top are covered with planks, making this design a steam room look.

This bathroom has a luxurious but rustic quality with wooden planks on the walls and ceilings.

Angled ceilings feature a ceiling window that allows for natural light.

Separate pedestal sink suitable for tank basin in black tank.

Made in black and gray, this room has skylights and floor-to-ceiling windows to keep you from getting gloomy.

A floor lamp provides the light near the mirror to increase the shimmer.


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