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15 designs of double wash basin are extremely popular

When our eyes are awake and they receive beauty and pleasure, you will feel a better day. So, the interior design of these beautiful sinks will help a lot for your morning become more dynamic. Here are some designs of beautiful and luxurious double wash basin Angel would like to introduce to you reference.

This white bath tub consists of several drawers for storage so you can store beauty products and keep the surface clean.

A built-in sink to place the items below will be an extremely clean option.

An ultra-simple design that it does not add to the surface of the tank.

Double walled bath tubs provide clean floor space, making your bathroom look so comfortable.

Changing the color of your tank and sink can make a huge difference to the overall appearance of the surrounding space.

Two faucets in the same sink mean that they will be the same waste pipe so it will be more compact than the eye-catching color.

Modern minimalist bathrooms fit in a private space with a harmonious combination of brick wall design.

A double bathroom sink with dressing table for the space of the young couple is extremely new utility and luxury.

A modern look when two sinks are placed on a simple wooden surface.

This sink space is designed with a long mirror, one reflecting tropical wallpaper, one reflecting light for brighter spaces.

This is a simple design, underneath is a drawer to level.

Double Bathtubs are designed with a few towels, and there are also lockers on the side of the wardrobe.

A simple wooden shelf looks effective with this space.

This design space includes a brush holder next to it.


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