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15 interior design lamp stand makes the living room more wonderful

Be careful when choosing interior designs for your home. Once you pick the wrong item, you will have to both lose and lose. So we would like to introduce you the design lamp room very unique for you to choose to choose a reasonable way.

This would be ideal in a spatial center of some kind of conference with a stand-up modern style.

Made from carbon steel and bronze, it is available in matte black with contrasting white interior.

Multi-storey lighting is the ideal solution for a spacious living room without worrying about lack of light.

This perfect model will help to set up a large library or places with multiple chairs for reading.

Putting a black lamp with other dark accessories like black frame mirrors or black bookshelves will create an ideal place for you.

A steel swivel lamp with a monochrome color, this was inspired by Arne Jacobsen's mid-century design.

Modern reading lamps with bizarre shapes at home in Scandinavian style.

  Light "slim" can be selected in either a black or white finish to easily create an industrial style.

The "arm" of the lamp is made of rough brass and the details are rubber.

The large bulb of this Diesel bulb has a patchwork structure for the canvas, when warmly lit from inside, reminiscent of the tents.

It also has a similar stitching style to jeans.

The floor joints make the racks very flexible, and the bulbs can rotate 360 ​​degrees.

The reading lamps in the rooms are in the rooms which are most displayed to the guest and the red and black creations will surely turn their heads.

If you want to go a step further than this modern copy, the original is available here.

LED reading lights are becoming more and more important as people pay more attention to the environmental impact of energy consumption and because the cost of cash continues to increase.

This anodized aluminum design is an affordable lamp that embodies a way to help protect the Earth and your bank account.

One of our modern reading lights is the LED that you are seeing.

The LED technology provides brilliant illuminated reading, perfect for blurry reading angles, out of reach of light in the air.

This is also a floor lamp with matte, so if the LEDs prove too bright they can easily make less dazzling.

The "antenna" reading lamp can be accessed on a large piece of furniture, such as a sofa or inflatable chair, to better center the light through books or work.

This minimalist reading lamp does not have a bulb, so they do not encroach on space or decorate your plan.

Cattle from the floor like a snake from its basket.

It can also be replaced because its resilient shape is reshaped by pulling the coil out, so you can adjust the shorter, more elastic or wavy lamp.

Expression does not require any tools to adjust it, simply plug and play.

This futuristic LED light has a flash, perfect for science fiction fans.

This is the Linear version of Brightech Sparq.

It has a straight 58in wand that displays at a steady angle from a metal 5ft metal that comes in either high gloss silver or bulb.

Solveig means 'the way of the sun' in Sweden, although this may sound like a flying saucer or satellite rather than the sun - until the white light bulb is illuminated.

The shaded steel is connected to the black substrate by a magnet, which allows the angle of reflection to change.


Looks like a long leaf, this design represents a unique way to lighten the reading area, or add style to the dining table, where there are no ceiling lights.


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