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15 interior design patterns are too great for the apartment

Have you ever felt the interior design has artistic creativity? Creative chairs made from acrylic, bamboo, cardboard, wood ... created an innovative interior for chairs not for sale. Let Angel see the chairs shown by the world famous architects.

Let the peacock inside your soul shine.

The seats, designed for the first time in 2011, create dramas and effects in extremely high acrylic mixtures.

Sit still to satisfy your king or queen inside.

Looking for a similar little chair for your little princess?

The colored version, more bored in size has created the chair of a child all the neighbors will envy.

Supplement your furniture with a classic chair.

Designed in 1962 by Warren Platner's great design, this chair shows wireline innovation, with about 1,000 welds per piece.

Finished with 18-carat nickel-plated or bright nickel, choose a velvet, boucle or leather cover.

Build a real library on your chair.

This circle allows you to select a book from all angles.

Love seats surround you with 14 brilliant gold petals.

Named after the legendary Central American myth, French designer Marc Venot changed its coat color.

Create a chair like oats - birds are famous for the nourishing products nest.

Inspired by the chaos of the world, Nina Bruun's thorny vines folded under and around a comfortable chair in the middle.

You do not want your feet touching the ground?

Do not buy this chair. Developed to bring us back to a childhood state, polystyrene foam and cotton wool create this wool sensation as a NYCxDesign student award winner.

An easy fix helps to relax and relax.

Named after the manta ray, this seat you are not quite straight, not completely lying down.

Get into the modern cradle of Thumbelina.

Made of oak, plastic and metal, this chair curls around your shape like a wooden leaf, folded into a flatbed when traveling.

Bent through an innovative use of steam, Korean designer Bae Se-hwa makes his chair out of the walnut.

The prismatic lines of this chair symbolize the push and pull between man and the environment.

Want a bark of birch wood?

This stylish design comes with four natural cotton pads or leather.

Handmade, numbered and signed, this piece is superbly raised to form a chair, folded back down to a mat sheet.

Initially designed for an Australian craft council, this wooden oak chair is the focal design because it is a 'double bent' chair.

Place it next to a window to see the light line through.

Want a stone bench does not look old?

Inspired by the Arabic calligraphy script Diwani, this chair has the same name as your birch wood or natural plywood.

26 parts of multi-layer laminated wood form the chair.

Choose it for your living room in eight different shades.


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