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Arrange the house the Japanese way

The layout is monotonous without the need for interior design. As one of the lessons and experience we deserve to do.

Japan is famous for its monotonousness but it is no less subtle. That is their nature. Their house is small but still very airy. Because they are only equipped with the necessary furniture.

This helps to increase the area, easier to clean. Helping them to avoid unintentional accidents when there is an earthquake.

Take a look at the simple home photos below to see what you can learn from the way they arrange their home.

Many Japanese do not like sleeping in bed. They sleep on a simple mattress so that they can collapse when not in use.

Shampoos, shower gel and other essential items in the bathroom are placed in a cabinet with a mirror.

Never have clothes "bought for scrap" in the closet of the minimalists.

The room also needed a table and a chair was enough.

Sometimes the chair is not always needed, sitting wood floor is warm as well.

What is the refrigerator of the minimalist? Nothing much!

Pots and pans are just enough to use kitchen cabinets look neat, neat.

They have and only have the necessary items for life.

The kitchen was neatly arranged not to be filled with knives, forks, chopsticks or anything else on the table.

However, simply does not mean boring, the house still has the appropriate decorative items.

Nothing can distract you from your desk or desk

Lamps are both simple and subtle.

Contains few objects so the room is brighter and airy.

Less furniture will have more living space.

A well-organized house will also make your mind more organized.

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