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Avoid hot solutions by interior design for hot summer

Heat protection solutions by interior design, you already know?

In the hot season, small flats often have a warm feeling. You just turn on the air conditioning all day, the way to cool the house below. Will help you get a sense of comfort and less heat naturally.

The motto "clean house is cool" very floating into your lap every day. When you are in the narrow or spacious if you can not maintain the neat, it is difficult to bring comfort when living.

There are three places you need to keep in mind to keep your "home" feeling fresh. Kitchen space, living room space, small space like shoe cabinet. 

Living room

Everything neatly arranged brings cool feeling to every step.

Keep your desk clean, simply do not clutter your junk

"Triad of power": books, vases, decorative glass vase to create a beautiful space, modern.

Using the tray helps to clean up more quickly


Scientific division makes the kitchen furniture feel more neat

Use the shelf system to keep everything inside and look neat.


Wardrobes are classified for easy use

When you put your clothes in the closet, you will find the house cleaner and cooler

Using the drawers, dividers to sort underwear also help you clutter

In addition to these locations, other locations in the home should always be cleaned up. Make the most of the ceiling cabinets or wall cabinets to cover all things.

Place trees in the house

Greenery in the living room makes the room more fresh

Despite its small size, if it is organized scientifically, everything will be more beautiful and convenient.  

Bringing green plants into the bath is a way to relax your body both physically and mentally

Your home has now reduced summer heat thanks to the trees

With green plants you can choose pots or baskets hanging in the corner. Green leaves create a more beautiful and friendly.

Small potted plants by the window is also a way to design furniture to avoid heat

Trees are placed next to the glass, sunlight touches young leaves

Use insulation for the home

Use anti-radiation glass to reduce the heat of the house.

Use insulation ceiling panels, prima panels to reduce the heat.

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