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Break the high-end interior design by the architect

This daring interior design is only 43m2. The design hit the structure in the middle of the house that black. The surroundings are carefully decorated to hide the inside of the bathroom extremely smart.

Unique living room In the middle of the main apartment is a toilet room hidden in a smart way. Inside the black color is not noticeable, in addition to being decorated, anyone can find it. The design is quite perfect for this small apartment.

You try to discover the window of the toilet located between the heart of the house. See if you realize that design helps the home enjoy the most natural light. Guests if the owner does not say they do not know that after the TV is the toilet.

Although always stomping on the eyes, it is difficult to know. It is also one of the art "Room in the room" quite popular.

If you look through the kitchen, you will find the classic sensation of Smeg. From the strings of lights can attract the look immediately. Besides, the Edison bulbs provide a soft light that does not overwhelm the senses.

Decorative style is quite interesting, which is antiques, textiles. Things like industrial lighting combine classic lighting very harmoniously. Simple bedroom interior design creates an accent.

The details are carefully arranged so the homeowner feels at home. Although it is a lot of small details everywhere. The highlight of modern space is the Acapulco chair.

The classic and blue seats resonate prominently. Escape and shoe rack contrast. Most of the necessary storage space is placed in a minimalist white drawer.

Handle with bright white finish - looks clean and sharp.

And most importantly, do not focus on the important decorations in the apartment. Using circular decorations provides an interesting contrast to the cubes of furniture.


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