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Bring the masculine style into the interior design of the apartment The Rra Town - Mr Dat

The masculine interior design is usually gray or brown to emphasize the masculine, masculine. With the color scheme, sharpen the contrast to emphasize the strong dark color. Through the delicate lines in the interior, you will feel the inherent charm of this color tone in interior design.

The open-plan living room incorporates cooking, dining and lounge areas, where the kitchen wall is a brick-and-mortar gray background.

The bottom cabinets increase the contrast due to the fine white lacquered black of the sofa in the main space.

A brown drapes area determines the lounge area.

A strong brown window creates a tall window frame in this room.

A round black round table is located in front of the gray sofa to place the current style book in hand.

While standing upright lights stand behind the back lamp for reading comfortably.

The wall behind the TV was painted gray and echoed by the kitchen wall at the opposite end.

Decorative candles help soothe the mood a bit.

The only glimpse of the high color we find in the room comes from the small planted glazed curtain.

The sudden sunshine of yellow and orange, combined with the art of the wall, creates a lively touch with dreamy decor.

At the entrance, the back of the outer jacket is a huge mirror reflecting the living room, which doubles the appearance of the space in the apartment.

A lower row fits into the white wardrobe on the entertainment wall.

The large kitchen surrounds like a bookcase in the center of the house, along with some neatly shelved shelves behind the door to store the excess.

On the four modern sitting rooms, two pendant lamps give out multiple beams.

Modern brown chairs look like four exquisitely patterned origami.

A wooden dining table attached to the wooden floor outside the kitchen-restaurant.

The light requirement comes as a ring hanging in the low place.

Entrance to the bedroom and bathroom lead straight to the entrance.

The master bedroom has an attractive eye-catching wall behind the bed, an angled design reminiscent of origami.

The collection of three-dimensional tables is matte black, making the room appear deeper.

A winged head can hold the head of the bed with a huge gray chair.

Behind the TV in the bedroom, the wood panel warms the monochrome program.

The wood effect, in accordance with the floor, is surrounded by two reflecting natural light around the space.

Two spotlights are hung high on the bedside drawers to help read the night.

The bedside cabinet is located on a delicate metal base.

Allowing the space below the visible units makes the room more spacious.

In the bathroom the textured walls cover the contrasting walls of black and white.

A concrete storage compartment that contains a modern sink underneath a chrome-plated shower faucet.

A flexible light on the arm can lighten the wash area.

The matt black doors are hidden above a concealed storage tank, perfect for attaching towels and toiletries.

A modern bathroom is nestled next to it, with a square rain shower in it.


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