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Compact interior design breaks the way for small rental apartments

Bespoke interior design (more than 500 products by Philip Watts Design Group worldwide) can be used per square inch of availability, and can be incorporated into every available corner and dark corner. Sometimes bespoke furniture can even create a very sophisticated design if you take it.

Our first home was a 35-square-metre graphic designer in Moscow, Russia. As a young couple’s apartment, the living and dining area is designed to accommodate a flexible social scene. By moving the sofa and expanding the table, it is easy to accommodate 10 guests. To accommodate this space, a double bed was placed in a box placed in the corner of an open-plan living area.

The staircase to the wooden sleeping box can place a comfortable stand at full height and the steps can also be used as valuable storage space. If necessary, draw private curtains in the loft bed. When the curtains are redrawn, the platform can see the entire apartment and windows, making it a comfortable place to relax and sleep.

Another opened curtain can show the entrance, wardrobe, closet and shoe storage.


A bank cabinet was built around the television to accommodate all the other furniture couples. 

As a strange addition, a unique wall clock is affixed to the side of the attic.

The rustic surface of a separate device looks warm and attractive.

The storage system is already contained under the sleeping platform, providing additional closet space and shelves.

The fluffy canopy bed is covered in pine wood to clearly identify the area. A small locker is formed by extending to the entrance of the wardrobe on the top of the wardrobe. The corner of the bed has a power outlet and some small books.

Two modern wall lights provide reading lights.

Through the window, the table sits in two seats before extending.

This very small apartment includes a family-sized office space with a desk and hanging walls.

Iranian hand-made bricks lit white kitchens, lighting up the origins of Iranian homes.

Teapot for kitchen tile color.

Blue patterned tiles include bathrooms.


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