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Creative color is especially in interior design

The 114 m2 house is furnished in neutral wallpaper. This layout is a bit unusual compared to many other open style houses. The creative use of space and natural light sources in limited proportions and constructional structures make the home feel spacious and airy.

In the living area we can see that the on-site windows in the dining area have been turned into a bench for viewing.

Window chairs provide a relaxing area for a sofa in the center of the room.

Guests can also act as table seats if the table is rotated and pushed together.

Provide a double-purpose element that doubles your space efficiency, essential in a smaller home.

A door leading out to a small balcony provides a living room with a bit of natural light.

A bright coffee table was located in the clear path from A to B to the outside door from the kitchen.

The stove from the sofa, making the direction of the sofa becomes unusual.

However, this layout allows a wide flow of living room can overflow to the balcony.

The alternative would be to put it in the dining room which is a much smaller space, limited by stairs.

TV is surrounded by family library. The neighboring contemporary wood burning fireplace offers a cozy setting.

The bookcase is dark green in contrast to the coral coffee table, yellow and watercolor.

Despite the modest proportions of the house, the combination of bright colors is not overwhelming because they are disabled by the main pallet of the scheme that is set in the shades of gray and natural wood.

The kitchen and dining table match the color of the wooden floor.

Dinner table with darker legs to combine with Scandinavian design darker.

These features add flicker of brilliant colors to the alleviation program, as well as soften the layout.

A botanical influence can also be found among the art prints here and around space.

The gardener decorates the wooden walls around the window seat.

A large decorative dining room light filled the space on the table.

The kitchen does not have very simple wheels in its lines and lacks decorative pieces.

The only display is a small wine compartment located across the bookcase in the living room.

This has a display of wine glasses at the handy hand of the kitchen bench just big enough for two stools.

Glass inside allows the natural light line in the home.

Lightweight wood floors and features continue at all levels of the home for a fixed look.

A dressing room has a small storage tank and a storage tank.

Glass tiles have been installed under the ceiling to allow for natural light while maintaining privacy.

The bedroom is a well-proportioned double bed and has plenty of space for the bedroom.

On the bedside, the pendant lamp decorates each side.

On the top deck, a stack of monochrome framed prints forms a library wall, adding character to the comfortable room.

On the side of the bed, we can see that the bedroom is accessed through a walk wardrobe.

An optical illusion was created by enclosing the adjacent mirror in a design identical to the glazed glass.

At the foot of the bed, a wall hanging storage shelves use what remains of the space without encroaching on the floor area.

A high heat sink uses a special wall stand.

Having a walk-in closet located in the bedroom entrance means great living habits; Items can be removed meticulously or quickly added into and out of the bedroom.

The closet at a central location of the upstairs layout also works because the wardrobe / dressing area requires privacy, so the lack of a window outside is not a problem.

Interior glass doors and fine artificial lighting provide ample lighting.

Here we can see the natural light from the bedroom window lighting directly into the changing room / dressing room.

The main bathroom has a geometric green brick wall, complemented by a Swiss Cheese factory.

A wall-mounted faucet and a soap kit match the black marble countertops on this unit.

A contemporary towel added to the dark markers.

The geometry was done in the floor tiles, adding attention to the ground floor entrance.

A wide range of high cabinets offers a large storage area


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