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Dark interior themed design for small apartment

The art of using dark corners as a theme for interior design is rarely used although it is quite a distinctive style. Dark themes will help you conceal a lot of interior space in a space that is undetected because of the very sophisticated arrangement. This is one small apartment about 50m2 designed in dark theme style which we example for customer reference.

The apartment uses gray colors to create light and shade on open living areas.

The windows do not flood the house with a natural amount of sunlight but the cases of modern-style lighting are placed around the layout.

The two people who live here have humorous art exhibited to lighten the mood of the house, like this portrait where a serious subject is being seen is blowing gum.

The length of the Wall Flos Mod 265 puts the light source directly above the artwork, tucked neatly into a light gray sofa.

A decorative vase hanging an artificial tropical leaf to add a little spice.

Luxury gold will bring the noble home with this beautiful ornaments.

The mattress on the sofa is dark green or the monochrome design matches the pedal nearby and works to improve the view of the small room.

A stone wall behind the television matches the bright color scheme of the upholstered sofa.

The rock stopped at a bookshelf of black bookshelves, based on a deep walnut wall.

The large and white pendant lanterns provide crystal contrasts to a solid wall of ample kitchen cabinetry.

Modern dining chairs are wrapped in dark gray textured fabric.

The other walls of the kitchen unit unit and the wall unit were smooth gray.

A strip of LED running under the length of the cabinets, kitchen walls glow with warm white light.

Different colors of cabinets and lighting effects work in tandem to create a wider effect.

In the entrance, we are faced with a wall made of walnut wood, where the vertical grain makes the wall appear high, thus raising the ceiling height. On either side, a wall is a shade of black reflective paint and a wall between the entrance and the living room.

The dividing wall is a series of openings that allow both light and line of sight to go straight through it so that small areas do not feel limited.

In the double bedroom, we found a second mural on a coal wall.

The double bed is covered with light cloth to compensate for the dark walnut shadow effect behind it.

Drapes cover a large amount of natural light here, but a careful lighting plan ensures each area is lit, just like the modern floor light beside the bed.

The mirrored dish on the reality TV is a unique wall-wall.

The walk-in wardrobe looks extremely impressive with dark tones and soft lighting.

The white ceramics in the bathroom interior stand out against the dark background of the floor.


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