Deisng SSG office in Ho Chi Minh City

Architects designed the contents of the SSG office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Design styles for highlighting documents and angle brackets. That's the main idea that gives the image of the client. Your first choice of the best shopping products. The best of the physical products are in the physical material with more than the city of the city.


The beautiful wood materials are in the interior, the floor is combined with the light color but still uses the whole style service to the office. Metal elements in the partition, display and embossed marble in the reception area, floor has created a time not warm, welcoming and pleasant. Besides, that would make a high-end brand stand out

In spatial terms, priority areas for zoning and providing employees with environmentally friendly work space. The SSG concept has shifted its value to the workplace design, creating a space for customer service

The effect of the SSG with the image of the SSID with the client and the environment of the workplace for the employee.

A little thing in the environment was working the room was a problem was not missing.

Look out of the same auto offered at least by the windows cửa sổ.



Designed by: ADP Architects

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