Cafe Hotel

Design touch comes from the professionalism of the entrepreneur

To design a relaxing place to mix with a good place to work effectively. This small coffee shop is where entrepreneurs always want to hide in the long run. With an area of ​​3000m2, this place is a great place that anyone go once is to remember the skin.

This is the place where men and women work and the space improves the balance of their work. Professional professional services, educational lectures and fun events improve the quality of your life during or after work. Work environment is inspirational before, before and after work. As a member, you will enjoy the comfort of a professional office, with the warmth of your welcoming guest room, the services and the looks of the hotel and the fun of free time.

Architects have turned the creative center into a professional interior with a mature look. "We created a unique setting for each project" - Angel. We love the combination of old and new, using natural materials combined with a national touch. For example, the bar is built entirely of recycled brick and 100% fiberglass.

We tried to give the structure a rough exterior look with the use of black steel. Like recycled fiberglass and brick at the bar and entrance, these hard raw materials look superficial. We want it to be an experience, like living in a small city. The mixture of materials inside and outside. The custom furniture such as lamps, sofas, curtains, desks, tables are soft and warm elements make it feel like a home, a hotel. We try to find a balance between them, so that the layout of our architecture matches the interior details.


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