Cafe Hotel

Eco friendly interior design become beautiful garden

To get an interior design, the exterior provides an ideal place to stop after every hour of stressful work. Along with providing a space to breathe fresh air to avoid inhaling dust, air pollution. Being a target for restaurants, bars. So with that in mind, designers have created a product that is environmentally friendly. Please refer to the photos worth viewing this offline!

Steel bars create a series of cubes, which can be combined with different sized shelves. This allows the owner to freely decorate or even reuse the blocks for a different location. Tree boxes, books, and lights at different levels create different densities for the interior. By organizing blocks, the modular system allows for flexible assembly of blocks for various parties.

The plants in the cafe provide visitors with a space to breathe in a polluted city. Many of the wooden basins are filled with purifying air and easy-to-plant trees such as spider, swordbird and marble queen. Other pots contain many herbs, along with freshly brewed coffee to create a natural environment. The space is directly connected to all human senses: drywall, leather chairs and woodwork - touches, premium coffee and pastries - flavors, plants and herbs bring out the essence. image. Coffee will welcome people to not only with quality coffee, but also to enjoy a green oasis amidst a polluted city.

The development of the plant will create a different appearance for customers have a new look when returning to the shop. As they grow in a framework and slowly embrace steel, the blocks will become a major design feature of the cafe and attract customers back on track.


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