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Excellent interior design school in Saigon

From an old house of 485 square meters in size, the architects designed the interior and renovated it into a beautiful preschool. In addition, ArchDaily magazine - a magazine of the best architects in the world has appreciated this work recently.

In District 1, the city center is so familiar with the old houses that need renovation.

This kindergarten is also among them and it has been refurbished to be flawlessly designed to produce such a great product.

Although the school has been renovated to renovate its design by 2015, everything is still new this year.

With the total area is quite large, the interior space is also very wide without restraint, comfortable for child care.

Everything is created by the inspiration in the children's minds by the survey that the architects collected.

Therefore, the learning space and play meet the needs of children, especially children under 6 years old.

When looking at the façade, we feel it is very simple and shaped like children's play or play.

Improvements that are cost-effective and still able to keep up the unbeaten part of the problem is a problem that architects must try to work on most effectively.

The evening is when the school lights up to create a sparkling feeling for the passerby to look right it.

The front of the school is always using the most natural light through the glasses to help children are not locked in the room 4 walls.

With space dividers for different purposes, you can comfortably expand or narrow the space you want.

Narrowing a part ....

Collapse 2 parts ....

Bright colors and harmony in the way you mix and choose colors will help your child grow better than normal.

A view of the attic is extremely beautiful and fun for the children.

The details help the interior of mathematics to help them remember longer.


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