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Experience the interior design of the apartment at City Tower

Apartment has something to look through?

City Tower Smart Apartment is located in front of National Highway 13. The Aeon Mall is just a 10-minute drive away. Apartment is the perfect choice for you when you come to Binh Duong gold land. In addition, we - Angel interior design will be with you to experience the space inside the future home. One of our typical interior design - home form City Tower.

Living room space

When entering the dark gray door frame mysterious. You will be set foot in a luxurious space. With just two colors, the cream is sweet and modern gray.

Some of the innocent light through the door. Light enough to decorate the home dazzling when dawn.

Stepping through the dining table is another dimension of ultra modern living room. Although only compact in the 69m2 apartment, but this is the highlight of the house.

The gray color is intensified. Help the sofa is highlighted with pretty little tables.

Small cabinets, bookshelves designed Angel furniture show art. On the creamy wall, lighten up the space as you relax. Watch TV, read books after hard working days.

Bedroom space.

Step into the first bedroom, the art of Angel's interior design will help you get a smart little room. With full facilities but very airy, not restricted.

With the color harmony between the bed and the dark color of the wall, the color of the wood makes the space of the highlight clear.

In the second bedroom, we see a completely different bedroom the first way of designing and decorating objects. This gives you more options for yourself or your children.

The last floor of the main apartment is the kitchen. Designed just enough space for you to have a space to spoil the experience. New dishes that are not constrained and lacking . Please contact us directly to experience the sample apartment in City Tower. With Angel interior design staff.


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