Cafe Hotel

Exterior design for the apartment

When owning a large apartment there is always a garden. An important thing in interior design, exterior is to design in sync. To create a flawless apartment. That is an essential part that some people do not pay attention to. Losing all beauty in a simple way.


Simple, simple design For customers who just want a simple space. Externally, only raw materials evoke a rural image. Get the same rustic wooden chairs, no need to cover or cover the MFC. In the busy city every day, you must be very quiet thanks to the home. That is the only place of peace of each person..


Classic design. The classic interior design is one of a number of designs that are "running" today. Exterior also, not only interior design. With large stone materials, the design evokes an 18th century bar.


Some samples refer to exterior design.  

Design of the bath at home.

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