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French interior design popular apartment with Scandinavian style

Our Scandinavian space is based on dazzling gray to bring color uniqueness. There is no better illustration than the six living room frames, a synthesis of the lightness of the colors and the different illustrations in their art. Interior design will show what the owner's personality always wants to keep for themselves.

A silky gray rug, a white leather sofa and matching tables keep roses under glass bubbles. The open space shows a ceramic fireplace and gray kitchen with five white chandeliers. Two brown leather chairs narrowed the space, highlighting the giant balloons hanging from the back wall.

Three windows provide natural light in a contemporary style that fills the scene.

The combination of gray with a machine made of white wood. They are spread out in the dining area and the lounge. The beautiful cornice beams bring a sense of French Reformation, they are mirrored by the black collar at the entrance.

The dining room and kitchen create yet another Scandinavian style. After the kitchen is a wall reinforced elaborately as a firm support. The tall black wood chairs sit around a gray-gray desk. Adjoining three-compartment wooden cabinets and kitchen accessories are made from many materials such as chrome plated, bronze, tin ...

Its corridor space is illuminated by gray paint and white furniture, next to the small white wall railing and a matching bed.

Incorporating warmth in the cold seasons is a simple fireplace with a Scanavian carved chimney.

Master bedroom offers a nice place to relax. Walls of lime and toy cabinets are white, gray and dark brown on the bed.


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