Interior design for rent

Great idea for a small one bedroom interior

Sometimes luxury furniture will help the luxury home a lot. But here, our design will help your apartment to be more luxurious as economically as possible. With an area of ​​60m2, the apartment is designed in modern style will create impressive thanks to the neat, sophisticated through intelligent interior design.

With the design of the ceiling plaster and wooden floor at the minimalist level. Combined with large windows and good layout will reap good effect for the expansion of the home space.

Living room decoration is very little, but the impression is very impressive through the "light animal" creative and easy to choose the right color. A large bowl in the living room with fruit or a vase of brilliant color will be the best point for the room.

A projector is hung in the corner of the living room, which makes it more enjoyable. This is a very small solution because it takes up very little space and gives a sense of personal enjoyment.

The whole kitchen scene is completely white, separated from the other by the contrast.

The light at the dining area is adequately provided thanks to a "double lantern" dropping from the ceiling to the center of the table.

The table is made of modern wood foot that will bring contrast to kitchen tools such as stainless steel or light colored tools.

The bedroom is designed by cutting a part of the space by pulling doors. Here the curtains will play a very important role in hiding the defects from the slider door.

The bedroom is linked to the room through the interior in the same room coloring room.

The basic decorations always bring harmony to the interior of the small apartment.

An array of lights on the bedroom plaster layer gives a bit of romantic light when night falls.

A corner of the space increases the accent through the picture hanging color is impressive. And below is a table to show feng shui in the interior design of the house.

White marble and the interior of the same color make this place extremely luxurious and feel very "clean"


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