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Have you done the exterior design yet?

In the architecture of an apartment, exterior design is extremely important and necessary. If we design interior is the pillar of a house. Then the exterior design is the door to explore the pillars.

If you do not walk through the exterior doors, you will not be able to access the interior design of a home. The exterior design really makes a difference to your home.

What is exterior? It is the perfect combination between creating and creating art to create new ideas. These are designs of the outer space of a large apartment or building. It is a garden design, the outer space that is most of the architecture around the building.


What makes the exterior beautiful? Aesthetically.

Architects of exterior design should have their own style. Especially get aesthetics eye.

Can be applied to the overall architecture around the building.

In feng shui. Architects must be feng shui master.

You can know the good or bad direction of every corner. And develop it so that the owner does not have bad luck or disaster.

What are the key elements of the exterior architect? Be a person who understands what is needed for your home.

Advise with practical experience to make the perfect apartment. It gives you the confidence to give you responsibility. Boost your faith with scientific advice.


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