Cafe Hotel

Hotel interior design is simple Chicago idea

 Chicago hotel interior design is one of the typical design. It consists of three separate buildings, a seven-storey concrete structure in the north, a red brick building on the south side. Both are connected by a modern corridor. Although it is just a simple design, it still shows the quality of the interior design.

The bedside is no longer monochromatic but it is transformed into a brighter color.

The building is modern in style and inspired by the bourgeois principles of the Bauhaus movement. The hotel has more than 50 rooms of various sizes with an area of ​​90m2 for rooms up to 200m2 for those who prefer large rooms. Typical aesthetic design combines modern amenities, chic design and cherry objects with the architectural features of the building. All rooms have free wifi, the bathroom amenities are of equal quality.

In some large rooms there are guitar decorations to entertain each group. Inside the hotel's cafeteria serves a variety of delicious classic dishes. In addition, the hotel also has a fully furnished garden terrace for a mini bar with a nice view thanks to the design of transparent glass.

The rooms are simply designed but still retain the full functionality of a quality room.


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