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Interior design 2 bedrooms at Lac Long Quan apartment building - Anh Le Phat

An apartment at the long-standing Lac Long Quan apartment will be completed and completed by interior design in August according to the design below.


This apartment is designed in a modern style with wood color and light tones.


The color accentuates in the space with an ice cream sofa, the back wall of the sofa is decorated with colored rectangular walls coinciding with the tiles to create a link with a light blue cabinet.


In order to increase the warmth of the apartment, the architects used wood colors to lightly press the dining chairs and glass panels at the dining table, which will help our eyes to be hallucinated by many times. .


The indispensable apartment interior is a refrigerator, where the refrigerator has its own corner.


The area at the doorway looks inside.


Simple kitchen cabinet system separates much to optimize storage for apartments.


Large bedroom for parents.

Children bedroom space.


Wc room space of the apartment.


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