Interior design for rent

Interior design apartment Celadon City- Ms. Phuong

A successful project of our company has brought the most satisfaction to you. It is an apartment designed in modern style is very popular now. With the increasing trend, the way to make the difference must be increased to get a beautiful apartment.


An apartment with bright colors, soothes irritated eyes. The color scheme is chosen for the purpose of the homeowner who want bright colors to make the house look cleaner.


White sofa is one of the favorite products in bright apartment. Give you durability and quality designs as possible.


Due to the relatively small area in the living room so the plaster ceiling should be designed in a reasonable way. Ceiling is renewed for just one block of space, using white lights inside the small clusters outside.

Art of wood coloring in interior design.

The dining space is exhilarated by the use of wood-walled walls together with the pictures hanging together. The wood grain of the horizontal stripe, the straight-edged chair, is a creative interior designer. A glass to increase the area to see a significant, if not noticed, will not appear anywhere Space bedroom girl.

Space boys bedroom.



Also some other bedroom samples for reference.


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