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Interior design apartment for rent 120m2 at Sunrise City - Mrs Kim

The interior design of this house is inspired by Scandinavian style. The house is very simple but high quality with the artwork is very meaningful to the host. The house not only uses color, it also focuses on natural light to highlight the light when it comes to lighting.

Space will give you a clean and almost minimalist space that prevents a large wall shelf.

But if you know the right shelf design, it can be a great place to work.

The house in the house used in the house are important factors, giving a bit of nature and color.

A modern sofa is acting as an effective clue while a small coffee table is practical but does not pay attention to itself.

An interior decoration plant with large and large foliage and almost imitate a statue.

In the dining area, the Scandinavian style fits perfectly with the chairs while the vases add some fun and serve a practical purpose.

The use of artificial tropical foliage brings important color but no irrigation.

The bedroom is even simpler, but the wall lights that provide the light and a bird light add a bit of wisdom.

Beautiful blue curtain framing a large window makes some small rooms feel bigger.

Indeed, a simple design can be helpful in expanding the space in the viewer's eyes.

According to the design of the child, this design is consistent with clean design space neatly with a little color.

Decorative children's beds use space-efficient vertical space in this room.

Moving to the bathroom, simplicity is probably the most obvious.

Even the soap dispensers in this design are classy and sleek.

The ideal lighting issue in the peaceful bathroom space, giving it a beautiful light and no space at all.


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