Interior design for rent

Interior design apartment for rent a simple modern bedroom

Modern style is still the trend of interior design is very popular today. In addition, the rental of apartments has been designed and furniture is increasing. With that in mind, we have embarked on the design of a mid-range apartment. Low cost, but the quality is still standard quality, not poor quality.

The room offers a bit of color to express a simple modern space.

Rustic iron and black furniture eye-catching highlights in the interior space of the apartment.

In the working space at home, unique table lamps look like pieces of art while clearly serving the practical purpose.

The sofa is mounted on a kitchen wall, designed intelligently to divide the living space in a subtle way.

In the bedroom, dark wood furniture combined with wood paneling bring warmth to the space.

The side table has a unique modern shape that lies a little way from the edge of the bed. You can decorate the bedroom more and more sophisticated depending on your own style.

The bedside area makes your dream more warm thanks to the wooden wall.


Bathrooms only use mixed materials from marble, tile, and wooden planks with eye-catching designs.


The wooden structure against water in the bathroom you do not mind anymore!


A marble sink and large mirror reflect the other corners of the room, making it seem bigger.


Brick wall tiles in black and smooth marble are a fairly good contrast method.


Depending on how the light is present in the room, the colors seem different.


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