Interior design for rent

Interior design apartment for rent City Tower - Anh Hung

Interior design tailored to the purpose of each customer for the apartment is an important issue. Angel always put design with very good price for customers to rent apartments. We are committed to your apartment still have the furniture with the best quality.

Interior design space living room and kitchen. The view from the dining table to the living room is very airy although it contains a lot of furniture. Walls below are white walls, but are pasted in a different color. A few years can change the paper to change the space to repaint it.

Picture hanging is indispensable in this design. Because each style of home is largely based on the image hanging in the living room.

Simple sofa set with small dining table suitable for small apartment. A small rug helps the table to be simple, warm feet he is still prefer than not.

The dining table is made of MDF wood, with chairs made from oak. Seat cushions are made just like the sofa, not so smooth but just enough use.

The main door and the rest of the building, we painted the ball under the design. Because their colors are slightly faded, they must be redesigned. Space design bedroom furniture.

If customers want to add and add shelves to decorate in the bedroom. This shelf is a very fit design. Melamine-coated MDF coated mosaics help make furniture more prominent.

Do not want to scramble as above, we simply simplify this for reduced costs. The room can be decorated more.

Renovated work desk extends to the mattress. Part of the savings do not have to add a small cabinet, a part to lie on the bed with furniture.

Beds are refurbished to add the under-floor cabinets used to blankets, bedding accessories..


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