Interior design for rent

Interior design apartment for rent is small - Ms. Phuong

A well-organized home with quality interior design creates a warm, intimate feel. The living room and kitchen are interconnected via a partition with a cozy fireplace. Although space is a bit modest but always express the style of home.

A spacious sofa in the living room makes it easy to enjoy a good movie with enough posture.

A large TV set with a sofa set on the white background for you to watch more focused.

The small wooden table is slightly modestly a little furniture is hard to find in the market.

From this angle, it is easy to see the effect that the open middle of the wall has on this space. The two areas feel distinct but create a greater sense thanks to the visual clever way of interior design architects.

Another benefit of the TV shelf is that the side panels are designed to be very useful. This shelf will make it easy for you to display your precious books or collectibles that are convenient for relocation.

This is an extremely versatile cabinet but the actual floor space of the kitchen is quite limited. In this space there are not many interior decorations so unique kitchen lights can make a huge difference.

The matching kitchen uses warm wood cabinets and textural slabs to express the comfort of rustic design, the simplest.

To make the narrow corridor larger, the designer chose to use high gloss materials. This is to maximize the amount of natural light and increase the spaciousness.

With a low bed and simple cover, this bedroom only requests a simple interior decoration method. The vase and plant decorations are a nice inspiration to the natural feel of the space.

The bed under the bed is bright thanks to the excellent Led system. This makes it easy to see the vision at night without having to find a place to turn on the lights.


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