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Interior design apartment for rent with 60m2 in New City - Anh Manh

Are you planning for changing your interior design? Are you scared about too small a space issue to board your apartment? Want to change because too boring with the old design? Here we will help you open a new life through the new design, renovate the space or rebuild the raw part to renovate. But our design always retains the features of space rather than simply decorate the apartment. The following is a one bedroom apartment has been designed in modern style but very harmonious.



Our first small apartment was brought to life with bold colors. In the lounge, the unique floor lamp is chrome-plated and the stone is covered with a green C-shaped bench that glistens just enough to corner the apartment. Along with the need for water, the design provided a set of glass vase and small tea cups in the same color of space.

Make the jade green theme, kitchen marking dining room with dining room light wood kitchen addition on the balance between Passing through a wall, table and chair, the wood provides a neutral surface for displaying floors with tattoo rays, a 70s dream of stone and cream alternating. Combined with the floor, three modern dining chairs with comfortable pillows comfort the backbone when used, Besides, a dark glass vase creates a separation between light and dark. A glass-enclosed kitchen combined with the lights on the dashboard creates a lovely kitchen space.

The bedrooms show a characteristic color - reddish brown. Spread out a brown wall as two oil paintings give the room more color. Illuminated by two small wall lights combined with a ring-shaped ceiling light adds a luxurious look. Solid ash wood and gold combined with a full-height screen and stone beams to create a comfortable sleep.

Hexagonal tiles offer a special feature that does not absorb the beauty of the space. Sneaking through the kitchen and down the hallway, its spotted shape plays with a modern bookshelf, opening and closing the edges of the wall. Open near the entrance to provide shelves, the design of the corridor enough room for a stylish stone bench. A simple mirror makes the space seem wider, because the stray shoes are under the shelf.


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