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Interior design apartment Masteri - Anh Lam

Angel Interior Design is pleased to invite you to visit the apartment of Mr Lin - Home Owners of a Masteri apartment. Has given the absolute trust so we can finish the work enthusiastically and thoroughly.

And an indispensable thing when you want a perfect place. Not only the location and the beautiful view is the space inside the apartment.

 Look from the inside of the apartment outside the project.

 Peaceful green space is the unique point of Masteri Thao Dien.

Apartment space when entering the apartment.

Homeowners want to design their apartment simply. But want to bring the luxury apartment.

The highlight of the living room is the gentle Korean sofa. To host guests or family hours. Get the most comfortable "title".

With 2 coats mixed between light gold and white. Given a luxurious cream color for the apartment.

Living room space. White and cream are easy to color, making the space of your home a relaxed and gentle feeling. Licensed in white cream, the interior of the apartment is shining in the most impressive. From small vase to medium TV. Bedroom space

First bedroom space Next to the white ice cream, Angel interior design also designed a different color tone. Coordinated with the white cream of the wall, it is the modern gray. Gray brings a gentle sadness, but when mixed, the room looks good on modernity as it also brings a wind of intellectual power.

Second bedroom space Part of the highlight of the apartment is the curtains, if you choose the wrong color tone, it will make your room is not similar, look very uncomfortable. Interior design of kitchen space.

From the interiors of other rooms to the kitchen furniture. Mainly designed by Angel's workshop. The main material used is MFC - Melamine wood. MFC-Melamine is a melamine-coated industrial board. With today's technology, natural wood is no longer the only choice. Instead, it is one of the models with outstanding quality characteristics, including Melamine.

Angel handed over the apartment to the owner - Anh Lam

Angel: How do you feel about your apartment?

Mr. Lin: Everything is as expected, although the progress is slow, but the apartment like this is too good, it made me impatient for so long. (Laugh)  

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