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Interior design apartment Ms Trang with best idea

An apartment with a bad status quo, the columns of the building occupied much area. It was not even, concave design difficult. But we, the interior designer Angel is here and solve the problem of design in a reasonable way.

Space design interior living room.

Simple decorative wall shelf stands out against the contrasting wall. Including a small shelf and a large shelf placed at the corner of the wall to hard to hit when playing on the sofa. The wall is painted in dark blue with a wall and half of the wall. Partially beat the sofa, part of the room decoration.

This view is from the entrance, you will see the location of the shoe cabinet, cabinet. Both cabinets are made of Melamine MDF, the cabinet is covered with white, easy to recognize when opening the cabinet. A wood-patterned wood veneer will not disappoint you with its durability and neatness. The wall is also used to match the white color of the cabinet to create a contrast.

Space design bedroom furniture.

The desk shelf is also made of a tint like the interior cabinets in the apartment. Make the most of the design in color. The paint of the walls from the living room to Maxilite durable bedroom color and quality equivalent to the price. Designed for the shape of the letter L, as a desk, as well as TV shelves quite handy.

After the bed is a wall sticking the columns of the building is difficult to design. So we made half a half plaster to form a complete wall. Besides, dig deep into two corners to decorate the beautiful room.

This is a versatile cabinet, divided into many directions. Each direction has a set of shelves with different area to be able to freely choose the place.


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