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Interior design apartment One Verandah - My

The interior design plan inspired by the fall colors creates a great warmth in your home interior. This modern home will provide a beautiful setting for homeowners who love wood and modern style.

Our first interior design was a modern apartment, painted in a smooth mid-gray tone, facing the blue top. Choose a blue-gray tone to match key furniture and soft decorations such as wing chairs and long curtains.

The sofa is light grey and does not overly blur the blue in the picture.

The cyan seat is located in front of the self-contained unit with a suitable bookcase. The cabinets are an unusual combination of natural walnut and white lacquered wood. Two white wall clocks match the lighter weight.

A deep shelf extends along the length of the slatted wooden TV wall. The ends of the shelf are chamfered to make room for the TV speakers. The indoor plants illuminate the look of the room.

The round glass dining table in the open kitchen reflects natural light from the large windows.

A glass pendulum cluster fell on the table.

Open a closet door in the hallway and hide a point under the rail jacket.


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