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Interior design apartment quality one bedroom 55m2

Our 55m2 interior design is inspired by the uniqueness of the West. The space provided for the individual style of homeowners theme music. The way to divide the space in harmony to make the apartment should be up to a new height.

Choose a dining room, lounges and lounges from two dark lines from dining chairs, sofa tables and coffee tables to a green "bench".

Offers a relaxing area for fans of musical themed décor, a variety of wood vinyls, lined pads, while a lounge chair suits provide a seat to enjoy them.

Seen from the Ottoman, open space for a gray kitchen, a neutral-tone eating area and a bombardment of color in a painting on the art sofa.

Decorated with unique living room lamps, a jar of jelly is popped up over the harmonious dining area.

A collection of blue chairs and frames that are identical in color to the array.

Each car has a different style, six chairs have six unique personality beside the black foot combination.

A nice, heart-warming fireplace, a gray bookcase with a beehive-like design that can both be seen facing.

Tulip and bell shaped vases are painted on the cover.

Meanwhile a gray and black carpet combines the shades.

The kitchen "inhales" similar tones into the dining room, using bright wood and black patterns.

The separator retains its light, airy feel separately from the adjacent space through the thin glass and the light veil.

Displaying the cups, glasses placed in the "open" shelves are displayed beautifully.

Several unique kitchen lights in the same shade illuminate unique tree growers.

Polished with lacquer wood and a geometric sticker, the bed appears in a dark grayish-gray surroundings.

Backed by several black wall paintings, Florentine bed linens are the perfect accessory for mixing a gray wool sheet and black and white print.



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