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Interior design apartment SUNRISE City anh Tien

Tien's apartment is extremely elaborate interior design. Not only in the layout of the furniture but in the color scheme. And the combination of light and natural light is very subtle. The same thing made the space of the house become brighter, airy and feel very comfortable.

A corridor connects two spaces, from the floor tile to the wood floor.

A corner cushion seat that fits snugly against the seat.

Contributing to the corridor another color is a pot. Bring the green look to the apartment and look very reasonable.

The space is designed as an artist's apartment. A hand-drawing also makes all eyes look forward. Tropical dining room design

Due to the beautiful exterior look, kitchen cabinets and dining tables are arranged here very reasonable. The dining table consists of a fairly large dining table, a dining chair designed in simple modern knitwear style.

Utilize the most natural light because of the large window area. A unique umbrella-shaped lamp for dining table adds personality.

A wall corner is designed through another room to facilitate the kitchen. Decorated around are the vines, which are one of the unique innovations. Living room space.

A high-grade couch with a design that resembles a lobby chair.

On brown milk background, the shelves decorated from the decoration to the bookshelf. Simple but quite useful for an apartment.

To add personality to the apartment, part of the wall without painting to reveal the brick. This is a highlight for every customer to visit must ask questions.

The living room is not finished because of its unique design.

To synchronize the apartment, the bedroom also brings style from the living room.

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