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Interior design apartment Vinhomes Golden River Bason

In late seasons, newlyweds choose their one-bedroom apartments. Because the interior of a one-bedroom apartment is very convenient, neat and low cost. The arrangement of neat, convenient, reasonable in the bedrooms are due to the design of each architect.

The second apartment is 482 square meters, certainly not the residence of many interior but bring many innovative designs.

A brilliant sofa with royal blue as the center of the living room. The same acrylic wooden table (also known as mirror wood) combines two extremely sharp black and white colors.

A neutral room makes the room feel bigger. although the size is relatively small. Lights and large windows also contribute to that feeling a little.

The use of furniture in the living room space is very intentional. A soft gray carpet, soft sofa, silky curtain, shiny coffee table. All have the purpose of the interior designer of the apartment want us to own it.

Instead of the usual display art, this space uses a huge mural. The interior of this apartment is also one of the parts to help the larger house.

A white dining kitchen with decorative lights hanging suspended. The combination of sleek modern furnishings is a great place to eat breakfast.

The light bulb in the middle of a warm, seemingly colored space seems to disappear.

Natural wood walls and wood cabinets are endless choices for the kitchen area. While a small long table is the idea for a fast food side by side. Again, the blue tones come back in the bedroom. Here, a luxurious gray bed with bed sets immediately reminiscent of the ocean.




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