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Interior design apartment Vista Verde - Mr. Hai Vista Verde

Interior design apartment Vista Verde - Mr. Hai Vista Verde is one of the big projects in District 2 in 2017. Before the project was completed, customers had already made their own interior design drawings in order to have the most reasonable arrangement. To have a perfect apartment on this new economic land in the best way.

The area at this apartment is quite airy by the letter L from the entrance to the living room. The living room was so much larger than the other apartments. However, it is not easy for customers to make the right arrangements. Should this apartment, our company design and manufacture furniture has shown what we can do. Or do more quality depending on the ability of the customer there. The personality or style of the customer will be expressed to us the most perfect way.

The space to look straight into the sofa is extremely luxurious, from the walls are elaborately designed. The pictures are also carefully selected for color matching with space.

This luxurious dining table is just enough to not touch the bedroom door. Despite the addition of an adjoining shelf beside the shelves on the head.

The space of the shoe cabinet and the shoes are no less luxurious. A set of LED corner lights provide enough light for shoes without the need for big lights.

Interior design bedroom bedroom parents.

Interior design bedroom bedroom parents.


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