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Interior design apartment with mysterious black

 Different from the Scandinavian style, this apartment owns interior design style different from the mainstream black. As we all know, black and gray only bring frightening cold. But here, you will get the feel of black, that is the attraction, the attraction of its mystery.

Not every family wants a colorful and sunny room. For some, the perfect welcome space is just through the unique floor lamps and soft gray carpeting.

Because it is surrounded by dark colored plates with thick curtains. You will enjoy the perfect nights at home or watching movies at home.


And when the curtains open, the room has a good amount of light - because there are not many surfaces that it can reflect.


A rather creative point is that there are two fur lights decorated to keep the table.


Grayscale is divided into several layers ranging from light to light. The gray tone chosen for the wall will be darker than the flat furniture. Light color tones for carpets and other decorative items.


Bringing dawn into a well-lit place will help you get up early in the morning.


The white dining table is upright because it only has bright colors.


Kitchens linked through open space design "open" very useful and open the apartment.


The bonsai in the kitchen properly sized for interior decoration.

It is not too big to occupy a lot of space and make a good point.


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