Interior design for rent

Interior design at City Tower Mr Chia apartment

This is one of the apartments designed in modern style like some basic architecture. In part because the demand for interior design is limited so the design will not be very good. Here, we always welcome and develop for those who have low or medium economy in the best way.

Space design interior living room.

Due to the high cost, the apartment does not have high quality furniture. Only good quality products, in terms of wood, in terms of decoration. Customers want a simple design in color and especially modern. So we have advised the customer black gray color but simple but very modern. This is the color of today's trend.

Use wood as a material as well as make color to decorate. We tried to uniformly color the apartment through the color of the wood. Take the plates as a creative decoration for the corner table. The same dome lights round the table light up the best way.

Space design bedroom child.

The wardrobe is designed with sliding doors, with streaked gray stripes. Bookshelves and bookshelves are made of Melamine MDF with increased durability and the cabinets are covered in white rather luxurious.

Interior design bedroom bedroom parents.

For our small children, we should use a lot of hanging images. The purpose is to increase memory, another part is to increase the brain development of young children through the drawing.

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