Interior design for rent

Interior design at Habitat - Mr. Chang

Interior design rental is one of the needs for the business today. Beautiful and standard design, beautiful furniture, qualified, the problem of customer when renting a home is small. The big thing is to find a design company like that. Space design interior living room.


The apartment is designed with rental demand, but the quality is as good as any other apartment. Because of the wood produced by Angel's workshop, quality and price are better.


Living room space is small, we designed in simple modern style. Includes high-grade fabric sofa from abroad. The small table includes a large table and a small table.


TV shelf made of white MDF coated Melamine durable by year. A cloth rug adds color effect to the guest table, while relaxing in the comfort of living. The highlight here is a yellow couch. Prominent due to its difference, and material too.


Dining table is a little higher to not tired feet when eating. Bamboo chairs for chairs, high-grade meka for sitting back and back. Especially it can disassemble chair legs and seat surfaces easily. Photo hanging style of the owner through each photo.


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