Interior design bedroom style Tunisian perfect

Tunisia is located in the extreme north of Africa. The interior design is very seductive and very captivating. Because the material is made of fur. Styles also contribute to the romance as shown.

Bed like a palace for the Prince - Princess. The room looks charming to a whole new level. Get ideas from the Maroccan country (Morocco). The image of two bed head motifs has forced us to hold back its attraction. The blanket that covered the bed with gray feathers like sprinkled the majesty of this style. In addition, the pattern on the pillow corresponds to the colors on the walls, blue and white. The design of this wall must be divided into two separate motifs. One is inside the pattern (the blue part), the other is the outside pattern (the white part). It is a bit elaborate, but it is very true with its "substance". The mirror reflects the green space (some small branches). It also makes the room a little "air" nature.

Mattresses decorated with fur in interior design. On the left side of the bed, a sofa is placed not far from the bed. Press in the middle of the room a contrasting brown, which adds extra masculinity. Fur clothing provides a place to rest your feet while tying on the fur blanket. A range of silver and glass hangers and a mirror frame reflect the more luxurious backdrop.

The open look of the mirror is a simple yet quality interior design.

A simple glass table with some modern glass cups, simple but very sophisticated.


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