Interior design knowledge

Interior design enlarge the room has a small area

Interior design for small apartment but still sharp and delicate to every detail. It is an apartment of a young couple but small area. Through the design we will see how useful it is for this small house. Ownership of this small apartment will make you very confused about how the decor is reasonable.

To express the style in small space is also very difficult. Therefore, the designer must have certain wisdom to be able to handle this apartment in the best way. The apartment is in a modern, blending classic style. This combination creates a strange space in such a small space. Invite you to "take a cup of tea" and look at the most objective to see the style of it offline.

Dining table is the boundary between two spaces.

Dining table is the light bulb "hair" between the modern LED lamp. Smoothly combined but create a "strange" feeling.

Modern living room

Black sofa combined with modern carpet. The highlight is here, combined with modern lamp "god" classic neat.

Scared to sleep

The art of "room in the room" is very clever of the designer. It has made the apartment perfect.

The bedroom is hidden between the wall on the one side is brick, one side is the modern curtain. Standing here confidently many people see the picture to be surprised by the strangeness of "it" here.

Curtains like this give us some extra natural light. Coordinating the blinds for the bedroom, it is simple but few know the layout of this effect.

Each space is different in terms of aesthetics and function. Interspersed with the features of intelligent coordination to unify the overall space.

Apartment makes me see "it" as a Studio though it's not.