Interior design for rent

Interior design for a simple bright bedroom

A one-bedroom apartment is usually where the life of an adult begins. This interior design provides plenty of space for a senior or graduate student and those who are ready to start a new life. Here you will feel the one bedroom apartment will bring you the view and the full facilities in a compact environment.

This apartment is 52m2, which is an ideal area for a one bedroom apartment. In the living room, a large luxury sofa is bright white. There are two different tables with the same color as the sofa.

Floors are designed to combine wood flooring and brick flooring to make the space larger.

A high, thin floor light is a practical choice and a major fashion element.

Simple white kitchen in the same color kitchen is the perfect place to sip coffee in the morning.

Large windows can be covered with a cooler curtain to better watch TV during the day.

An interior design for the bedroom is very useful because you do not have to force the door open more. On the side of the optimal utility, it is equipped with the lights behind the cabinet to create an extremely luxurious point

The bedroom is not big, but the simplicity of the design with its light color palette makes it more "open".

In a cool climate, the unique fireplace at the foot of the bed is the "mysterious"

The white brick bathroom also has a spotlight on the top which gives warmth when used. Yes, a white bathroom design is not a perfect choice But with a large "pool" soaking and white interior sparkling, the result was fantastic.


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