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Interior design for a small area house 28m2

A small house of only 28m2 is still not a problem for our interior design experts. A neutral white, gray and light wood background will be a perfect combination for the space here.

Next to the tv wall, a wall lamp swiveled to illuminate the desk.

The table can be rotated around so that it faces the room when in use, instead of facing a solid wall.


High tables can also be used as a dining place where diners can watch tv or look out the window.


The white wardrobe was built next to the house entrance. In the middle of the storage volume there is an accompanying bench, with shoe storage space underneath it.


White two-door doors redraw to reveal a kitchen a wall with a slice of coral.


The handling of the wooden floor stops below the kitchen, leaving a rough piece of concrete decoration.


Indoor plants placed by the window, below the LED strip in the cabinet. A bright yellow chair brings a dazzling sunshine to the space here.


Another yellow stools feature a minimalist workspace on the opposite side of the window.


A bench can narrow the gap between two white wardrobes on a plain white corridor.


Colored tiles coral bathroom.


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