Cafe Hotel

Interior design hotel cream color impression

Modern interior design incorporates abstract geometry. It has created a sense of creativity when looking at pictures from different perspectives. Save money on decorating as well as give you a nice decoration. Interior design bedroom first.

The color scheme in the room is the main factor for the room. Chocolate ice cream, a slightly darker tint, less common. But in this room most of it is used very well. The interior is beaten up thanks to the chocolate cream. These do not lose the inherent elegance of it. Classic retro chandeliers compensate for the modern features are completely dominant.

The abstract paintings, so that we can freely think each picture in different aspects. Look at the picture hanging simple so k do not simply understand the meaning of each color array offline. The highlight of the room is the other color. Do you recognize it? It is a blue bedside wall like the kind of attraction we rely on.

Interior design bedroom second.


Unlike the first bedroom, the second bedroom is the color of the paintings. When the colors change, you will feel the room changing. The bed is color-coordinated with the room. In addition, the bed will be fitted with an additional footrest. Lights between modern style seems much more luxurious, more compact.


Angel interior design - beautiful design must have beautiful furniture


Angel interior design - beautiful design must have beautiful furniture.