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The loft means that interior design must bring luxury. But just because your dream home is a little out of reach doesn't mean you can't incorporate some incredible design ideas into your own home for a sense of luxury. Check out these stunning lofts and their thoughtful design to find ideas that you can bring into your space. Fair warning, you can drool in the process!

Designers not only focus on furniture, but they can also make good use of these landscapes, but they are separated from the L-shaped chairs and living spaces. A low bookshelf. You can use these two tips in your own space!

White is not very boring! The sleek white floor lets you wonder where they will end up, and the smooth surface begins to make the space feel open and airy.

Our favorite of this space is the shape of the carpet and how it reflects the cut ceiling above. You don't need a small tennis court sized restaurant to replicate this wonderful idea! Although, vaulted ceilings or higher ceilings can perform better in this regard.

Tell me a word! This open white space needs to attract your eyes and stay away from millions of dollars. Use bold color statements as they make a room here at the center of your home.

Broken wood is not a thing of the past! These stylish, warm planks are the elegant modern landmarks of old schools.

This home office has one of the best views (may be distracting). But these integrated shelves with built-in desktops make the most of space. Consider folding the table from the shelf unit in the building to save some space for your home office.

Grey is not a good color, and the designer of this penthouse knows nothing about it. In addition to the warm grey tones of the carpet, TV and chair, there are warm wood tones that make this space clean and welcoming.

Door handles are a great way to keep your open space, but still have the privacy you need. The designer did this for the home office here - so the door of the bag opens to give the room a more natural light. However, it is easy to pull the door out for much-needed privacy.

This room maximizes its potential. The unit has built-in drawer power supply, vertical TV and even a desk, leaving enough space for two large beds. Consider the wall unit in your space to maximize it.


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