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Interior design luxury bedroom luxury yellow

Interior design with yellow bedroom accents will bring luxury and very suitable for the feng shui feng. If children are living in bright colors like yellow, they will help them recognize their colors better and their personality will be more vibrant.


In the corner, warm curtains and luxurious chairs create a lovely environment for ordinary social or morning tea. The chair was designed by Patricia Urquiola.


Unique lighting elements keep the space bright. Eye-catching features include false fireplaces, indirect LED light strips and - decorative components - super chandeliers designed by Gino Sarfatti.


The chandelier on the bedside table comes from the Michael Anastassiades IC Collection and features an elegant bronze finish.


Of course, it's great to miss the walk-in wardrobe! Matte cabinets soften the contours of the suit, while the combination box conceals any confusion.


Check out this super bright design! This form seems to retain a strong minimalist element, but the bright yellow bedside area pops out of the gray environment and will certainly push this space into the future. High-end furniture and lighting emit a strong sound in the form of their sculptures.


The other side of the room is still small, so people can fall asleep easily at night and they can learn on the table without distractions.



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