Interior design luxury living room apartment

The first interior design uses a few solid individual pieces to express a personal style. The living room uses sculptures to emphasize its sophisticated geometric theme. The last house keeps things simple in its luxurious space through the show living room.

This wonderful house creates an incredible impact with dark colors. A rich earthy palette with pale gray tones. The aesthetics of the room let you feel the classic style that filled the room.

Decorate some green spaces with many small pots near the windows. A collection of oil paintings to break the style of homeowners more clearly.

The cement sheets constitute a fine neutral background for the arts.

Outdoor wood gives the kitchen a very intimate feeling, extremely luxurious. Combined with marble bar create a beautiful picture.

This is a great corner to compare many types of wood used on ceilings, floors, cabinets and walls. What kind of different features, how will they blend together?

A formal dining space is located between the living room and the kitchen. Interior design to complete the picture as a process is quite elaborate and time consuming.

All of the wooden pendant lights are Finnish-designed. The left side is the Octo model.

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