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Interior design modern apartment quality is less than 100 square meters

The interior design of this beautiful apartment takes full advantage of the maximum capacity of each interior. The apartment is medium in size but still meets the number of rooms required. In addition, the bedroom also integrates more comfortable furniture for work and study. If you like the natural beauty of the interior, this apartment will definitely give you a perfect idea.

General introduction to the apartment.

This spacious 80 m2 apartment is designed in an open and friendly style.

Most of the houses are wooden, so the apartment keeps the air fresh every day.

The owner of the apartment loves the decor and the Japanese induction of the apartment is as simple as possible.

This is a flexible apartment interior design.

Natural wood and neutral fabrics make it easy to change the colors of other decorations.

In addition, the furniture is easy to arrange and the layout is very simple.

Light that blends in with the wood will bring warmth to the room

In addition, it also makes the shiny light of wood see the natural strength of natural wood.

A simple wooden wardrobe will be the place to decorate stuffed animals, books, paintings...

The space is divided into two parts, one is the kitchen and the other is the entrance area with the shoe and the shoe.

The kitchen has a kitchen and includes a dining table for 3 people, 2 small chairs and a large dining table.

The kitchen also has a high seating space for eating or using a computer to guide the windows.

Personal spaces such as classrooms and bedrooms enjoy a quiet and intimate location.

At the end of the bedroom, the office on the left is here.

This is a perfect leisure area.

When they are tired or sleepy, they can go to the balcony to breathe fresh air.

The storage unit has an open shelf with a drawer for arranging smaller items.

A small repository around the desktop can hold what the user wants.

An adjustable table lamp provides light or ambient light that is focused on the table as needed.

Interior design bedroom space.

Now let's take a quick look at the bedrooms, which have the same compact theme as the rest of the house.

The main bedroom layout is the main function of the room, rest and relaxation.

Just like in the office, light plays an important role here.

A spherical sliding light provides ambient light.

With the choice of diffuse light curtains add a romantic atmosphere.

If there are no decorations, this shelf will make the room more interesting. If we don't have much time to care, we can choose the Ivy Tree to save time.

The other decor of the room is also a minimalist interior to avoid distracting the theme of the apartment.

These translucent glass panels deepen the room without distracting the eyes.

Shelves, boxes and drawers keep the interior in one area, even for small toys hidden on the right side.

The second bedroom has some sleek inspiration, such as a unique bedside lamp, located on the two-legged table next door.


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