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Interior design modern style apartment less than 50m2

Not the interior design in a certain style only for large apartments. The apartment below even less than 50m2 but still express a style that homeowners want. The use of furniture and decoration has created a quality product for small apartments.

This apartment is less than 50m2 but the style is very clear through every detail.

The designers of this apartment took away all the interior walls to create an open area in order to increase the area.

The new open plan arrangement increases light and space.

Rather than boycott the color in such a small space, a blue theme is meticulous.

There are two places to eat in the kitchen with 2 high chairs that are perfect for long legs.

The bright blue kitchen ends with a highly contrasted tile kitchen tile.

Matching the white and brown color of the tile, a trio of drop lamps at the kitchen appears ideal for home meals.

Parquet flooring and original wood flooring bring a classic look to the decor, with a little reminiscence.

Modern wall lamps illuminate the sleeping area, while the thin floor lamp illuminates a cozy seating area.

Unlimited by its small scale, the layout even includes an actual work area.

The lively blue theme continues to strike in the bathroom.



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